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Closing your resume: certifications, affiliations, skills

At the end of your resume, you can add short sections listing your certifications, any foreign language you may speak, community work, etc.

Example - Resume “extras”


Fluent in Spanish and French; conversational Chinese.


Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)
Certification in Organizational Management (OM)
Certified Microsoft Office Specialist


Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals (AEAP).

Examples of additional information you can include at this part of your resume:

  • Languages
  • Licenses, Accreditations, Certifications
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Publications
  • Public Speaking
  • Foreign Languages
  • Military service
  • Community Service, Volunteer Work
  • Anything else that you deem relevant

You don’t need all (or any of) these sections in your resume, unless they can add something important to your professional portrait. Before you add any of these, think twice: How does it relate to the job? Can they be misinterpreted? Do they add a definite value to your resume?

The “extras” are not the heart of your resume. In most cases you only need 0 – 3 extras listed in a few lines. If you have mentioned any of them earlier in your CV (e.g., specific IT skills in the profile summary or certifications in the education section), don’t write them down again!

Be aware of listing “extras” from the distant past. For example having taken an Excel exam six years ago, it is a problem, not a plus (especially if you have not used Excel recently). How would you answer a question about Excel during the interview? You may damage the credibility of your resume.

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