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Job Hunting

Millions of jobs are advertised on the Internet every week. Even during the recent recession, 4 million jobs were posted on the Internet every month! Our site lets you search hundreds of thousands employment opportunities worldwide! How can you search efficiently the vast amount of job openings advertised on the Internet?

How to write a Cover Letter

When you send your resume to a prospective employer or job agency you should always explain why you are sending it, why you are the right person for the job (if you apply for an advertised position) and why this job is right for you. That’s the purpose of the Cover Letter.

How to Write your Resume

Your resume is your most important personal financial document! It is your passport to new employment opportunities and the rewards that come with a successful career. Yet, recruiters will scan it for 20–30 seconds before they decide whether they should call you for an interview. Making an instant impression in writing is not an easy feat.

Interview Tips

Your efforts start paying off: After updating your resume, searching for the right job opening and applying to a few, you have finally received a call for an interview! You should be satisfied but you feel nervous. That’s normal! An interview is the most important step to employment, a “make or break” step.